Celebrities backing new ‘box of the month’ subscriptions

A relatively new subscription service called 12Society recently unveiled its online lifestyle platform, through which subscribers will receive a monthly package containing items regularly used and handpicked by celebrities like Nas, Blake Griffin, Nick Cannon and others, according to a TechCrunch report.

The service is aimed at young adult males looking to spice up their lifestyle by using the same high-end products as these celebrities. For a $39 monthly fee, individuals will receive four to six premium items that vary between technology, fashion, apparel and athletic merchandise, the news source reported.

While this technique of creating a subscription-based business model is technically an old strategy, there has recently been a rapid increase in the number of online “box of the month” companies.

“It’s a proven customer acquisition model,” Chicago startup Excelerate Labs cofounder Troy Henikoff said, according to Crain’s Chicago Business. “[It’s] also about motivation and convenience and helping people actualize their intentions without having to get their butt off the couch and go buy the stuff.

By deploying similar subscription commerce offerings, organizations can quickly and easily expand and customize their products and services, providing consumers what they want, when they want it.