Can You Smell What Recurring Revenue is Cooking?

Disclaimer: I will be jamming in as many WWE catchphrases as possible in this post.

Final Can You Smell What Recurring Revenue is Cooking?

Ah yes, CES – four full days of innovation, technology and fun. There were a ton of memorable moments from the show this year, including Audi’s “laser lights,” all sorts of wearable tech and, of course, Michael Bay. But there was a particularly interesting announcement that made national news, while still making fan boys jump for joy.

Finally, the WWE adopts recurring revenue! This year at CES 2014, the media giant World Wrestling Entertainment announced that they will be offering an on-demand network solely based on the past, present and future of professional wrestling as we know it. The price? Well if you don’t know, you better ask somebody! Actually, it’s $9.99 a month and includes access to a library of over 1500 hours of on-demand streaming, original programming, and live pre/post show interviews. Can you dig it? The biggest kicker, however, is access to all twelve live pay-per-view events that the WWE showcases each year. Normally at $40-$60 a pop, these aforementioned live events are included in your subscription. All I have to say is, “YES! YES! YES!”

What’s in it for the WWE? Well, for starters, this allows the WWE to capitalize on its biggest asset – content. Additionally, they listened to their fans by giving them exactly what they want: More WWE. These two factors combine to make the all-you-can-experience subscription model an absolute no-brainer while assuring their stockholders of a steady stream of predictable revenue for years to come. The WWE Network goes live on February 24th. What’cha gonna do when the WWE network runs wild on you?!

Wait, is this yet another big announcement by another billion-dollar enterprise looking at recurring revenue to drive its business for the future?  Well, with millions and millions of WWE fans all over the World, this is exactly what’s best for business. So now, 2014 picks up right where 2013 left off – a year that included huge recurring revenue decisions from the likes of Adobe, Target, United Airlines, YouTube, Condé Nast, Microsoft and Google. As companies are looking at more ways to incorporate some sort of recurring revenue model within their business, expect more announcements coming soon from an enterprise near you.

And that’s the bottom line…

Can you spot how many WWE catchphrases are in this post?  Shoot me a tweet @bleongSF with your answer!

– Brandon Leong, Aria Systems

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