Can a Billing System Be Easy to Implement and Customize?

derekchoy-newOn the surface, billing appears to be a standardized process. A standard-looking invoice is generated on a regular basis that contains a set of transactions totaled up at the bottom, presented with payment options and a due-date. However, anyone who’s involved with billing behind-the-scenes knows it is anything but “standard.”

That’s because each organization has its own unique way of doing business. Everything from defining how transactions are loaded and rated, to approving credit, to providing client service representatives directions on how to answer questions, to delivering customer communications — the list goes on and on. It is these customized processes that are the primary cause of billing system implementations extending from weeks to months, or even years, while the costs sky-rocket.

In this situation, executives are faced with a difficult decision: either modify their own business processes to conform to how the system does things, or delay the implementation and pay more to get the system to work the way the business operates; two expensive choices with rarely any middle ground. And then, of course, there is the issue of what happens when there is a process change; once again, another expensive decision must be made.

Having spent many years implementing cloud-based billing solutions for the enterprise market, Aria was continually faced with how best to create and support custom business processes. Our experience showed us that we needed a solution that would enable us to easily and precisely support a customer’s existing business processes while providing the flexibility to accommodate changes in their business. Ideally, any solution that we create should be easy enough for our customers to experiment with different models if they so choose without having to go back to the Aria engineering team to make each of those changes.

I am happy to report that with Aria’s Business Process Automation, or BPA, we have achieved all of these objectives and then some.

What’s especially cool is how BPA revolutionizes the way enterprises customize their billing system. Instead of having to make the tough decision of changing an existing process or delaying a project, Aria’s customers can now design and customize a billing system that supports their unique business processes through a GUI-based tool that is tightly coupled to our billing platform. It offers infinite flexibility with minimal impact to a company’s ability to bring a new offering to market. And that’s just the start.

Wouldn’t you say that businesses can finally have a billing system that’s easy to implement and customize? I would.

– Derek Choy, Aria Systems

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