Cable TV surviving during age of subscription services, for now

While subscription commerce companies like Netflix are thriving in today’s economy, they are not necessarily erasing the market for U.S. cable TV providers, according to a new study by Bernstein Research.

Although many consumers appreciate the instant connectivity and wide variety of choices offered by Netflix and other companies, the study noted that some of the most popular TV shows are not available online the same time they air on TV. As a result, fewer Americans are dropping their cable TV subscriptions for other services.

“Consumers love live sports, specials and first-run scripted content,” Bernstein Research senior analyst Carlos Kirjner said. “We think this goes a long way in explaining why we have not seen cord-cutting as Netflix subscribers and usage have grown and as other providers of long-form video content over the Internet have emerged.”

As more subscription services become available – enabled in part by subscription billing and management platforms – the market for pay TV may change. YouTube, for example, is considering deploying a subscription service that will offer professionally produced content to subscribers, according to Reuters.