Business Data – On-Prem vs. In the Cloud?

Business data is extremely valuable in helping executives understand more about their business in order to make informed decisions based on facts. With on-premise software models, data is hosted in-house, which allows management direct access to the data for analysis — either from a  transactional database, or pulled the data into a data warehouse.

As cloud-based services become more popular, many businesses are migrating from hosting their own business applications to leveraging one of the cloud business applications available. One of the challenges with this migration is that businesses no longer have direct and easy access to the data for the business analysis they used to do. There are different ways to solve this problem. Some cloud vendors provide basic reporting capabilities and call it a day. Others refer you to another cloud vendor providing business intelligence services, essentially deferring the challenges to others. Aria chose to solve it in a way that provides the best experience for our customers. Aria embedded an industry-leading solution into its platform, providing advanced Business Intelligence capabilities as a native function on the Aria platform. Aria users can easily access these analytics without having to sign another contract with a vendor, or to invest in expensive infrastructure in order to host and analyze the data.

With Aria’s solution, customers are presented with relevant analytics as they navigate to different sections of our product, and if they want to get the most out of their data we have business analytics experts on staff to help. By giving our customers access to data in a way that’s most helpful to them, we enable our customers to make data-driven decisions that’ll drive success in their business — the best of both worlds.

– Derek Choy

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About the Author

Derek Choy
Derek’s engineering background is truly comprehensive; he spent eight years at eBay, where he was critical in building and operating their billing and payments platform. Derek holds degrees in computational fluid dynamics in aeronautical applications from Stanford and Imperial College, London. So don’t get into a conversation with him about compressible versus incompressible flow unless you have a couple of hours. Derek's passion is to create innovative applications that not only meet today's requirements, but to anticipate what’s required down the road. He is an active aviator and photographer.

The Forrester Wave: Subscription Billing Platforms, Q4 2015

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