Bulu Box delivers vitamin, supplement samples to subscribers

While there are a variety of subscription services now available to consumers, the vitamin sampler market is relatively untapped. After working as the vice president of marketing for Complete Nutrition, Paul Jarrett decided to tap into the subscription commerce market and launch Bulu Box, a vitamin and supplement sample subscription service, according to Silicon Prairie News report.

“There’s a bit of a buzz around sample boxes right now,” Jarrett said, according to the news source. “But no one is doing what we’re doing in this industry.”

Jarrett noted that there are similar services for muscle-building products but Bulu Box is the first subscription service aimed at the all-around healthy lifestyle, Silicon Prairie News reported. In an effort to further increase customer satisfaction, Bulu Box also has an online resource where individuals can review specific offerings and share thoughts will fellow subscribers.

“We hope to really concentrate on our community of users,” Jarrett said, according to Silicon Prairie News. “We want to make brand loyalists and ambassadors.”

By leveraging a cloud based subscription billing and management platform, companies like Bulu Box can quickly and cost efficiently develop unique offerings for every user, strengthening customer relationships and increasing sales.