Aria Systems unveils new version of Subscription Billing Platform

Leading cloud billing and subscription management solution provider Aria Systems recently unveiled the latest version of its Aria Subscription Billing Platform: Aria6. The new offering provides individuals with a more intuitive user interface as well as a discount rules engine that gives organizations the ability to enhance how they manage subscription models.

“Many billing solutions limit the choices companies can make in managing their subscription services by not enabling companies to implement their desired monetization strategy,” Aria Systems engineering vice president Derek Choy said. “With the latest version of the Aria Platform, we are delivering an unmatched combination of features, flexibility and usability that companies need to quickly launch and optimize their monetization strategy and offer different recurring revenue models.”

How Aria6 can benefit subscription commerce companies

The enhanced user interface offers a number of new capabilities, including improved navigation of the subscription management solution through the use of simplified menu options, intuitive help wizards and more stimulating visual displays. Aria6 also provides enhanced statement and invoice management for fee notations and conditional formatting. The platform is also more effective for international subscription management, as it now has improved date and time zone configurations.

“In addition to an improved UI, this new release of the Aria Subscription Billing Platform provides significant flexibility for pricing and plan management,” Ventana Research vice president Richard Snow said. “This new version of the platform looks to be many times more effective than other SaaS billing solutions available today, enabling companies to easily adjust their subscription offerings as needed.”

Aria6 also comes with an industry-first discount rules engine, allowing clients to apply cost reductions to any charge managed through the solution. Platform users can then document that discount in a number of formats and carry it into other service plans.

Additionally, the latest version of the Aria Systems Subscription Billing Platform includes improvements to usage tracking that provide the flexibility to rate usage in multiple ways, including in real time, when invoices are sent and against pre-paid thresholds.

“With the improved UI in the new release of the Aria Platform, we will be able to make dynamic changes to our subscription translation and testing solutions and address the real-time needs of our subscribers,” Lionbridge ecommerce sales director Peter Basile said.

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