Aria Systems teams up with Birst to enhance subscriber life cycle management

Leading cloud billing and subscription management platform provider Aria Systems recently announced it is planning to leverage Birst‘s cloud-based business intelligence solutions to provide more insight into the subscriber life cycle.

“Through the analysis of data gathered throughout the subscriber life cycle, organizations can better understand how to enrich their customer relationships, improve existing processes and maximize the value of every customer exchange,” Birst CEO Brad Peters said.

By leveraging the Aria Subscription Billing Platform, businesses offering subscription-based services will be able to optimize their products and services better. This will help companies better meet customer demands, boosting subscriber retention and increasing revenue for the organization.

“Birst’s combination of enterprise-class functionality and technological flexibility will enable us to create a seamless experience for our clients while we deliver fast, easy access to the vital information they need,” Aria Systems vice president of engineering Derek Choy said.

To read more about the partnership between Aria Systems and Birst: click here.