Aria Systems helps uSamp balance multiple currencies

Leading cloud billing and subscription management provider Aria Systems recently announced uSamp is now leveraging the Aria Subscription Billing Platform. As an organization that offers companies information on customers around the world, leading online survey provider uSamp needed a way to reward its panel respondents in their local currencies, as well as accommodate its clients with their currency of choice. By deploying the Aria Subscription Billing Platform, the company is able to do just that., uSamp’s online international search engine, can help businesses acquire important information on existing or prospective customers in a matter of minutes. As a result, the tool helps companies improve their decision-making processes in regard to marketing, customer service and a number of other mission-critical business operations.

“Aria Systems has been an excellent partner as we scale our business,” vice president and general manager Justin Wheeler said. “With the Aria Subscription Billing Platform, we now have credit management functionality, providing easy, real-time recurring billing across multiple currencies. The entire process has been seamless for our clients.”

As subscription commerce companies continue to grow in popularity throughout the world, it will become increasingly important that decision-makers leverage subscription management platforms capable of monitoring and maintaining customer relationships through the deployment of unique billing strategies.

“Billing is a critical step for subscription commerce companies,” Aria Systems president and CEO Tom Dibble said. “Our industry-proven platform helps organizations of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, solve the complexities around subscription billing – from calculations and receipts to multi-language and multicurrency support.”

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