Aria Means What in Italian?

Once upon a time, CIOs would spend millions of dollars on software licenses, maintenance charges, ongoing integration work, upgrade projects, hardware, database certifications, and workarounds. And these expenses did not even include maintaining backward compatibility between releases, configuration and customization for the latest service or any rush for better implementation times. The sun shined, life was good and no one thought anything of it.

But then the sunny skies got cloudy. Across many industries, IT budgets began getting reduced 50%, year-over- year. Maintenance charges were renegotiated with unprecedented determination and professional service fees became based on countries with lower labor costs. The once thriving IT industry in Europe began to dry up.

Eventually those clouds brought good news. A bit of rain from those clouds watered the new fields of innovation. Procurement departments loved the possibility of having much lower TCOs and predictable ones at that. Little by little questions like “Where will my data be stored?”  or “Will it be secure enough?” or “What if the network goes down?” would be answered. Experience and reputation became the name of the game.

It’s funny that those clouds came from sunny California. So I told myself “Let me go and get a closer look.” That’s when I found Aria. I spoke on the phone with Jon, Mike, Rick, Rob, Tom and then met Derek, Paul, Cary, Nik, Gretchen, and Lisa. I thought to myself “What a great team. I hope they think I am a good match.” Since then I have worked with Doug, Eddy, Jennifer, Jeff, John, Heather, Marie, Andy and many others and I am still thinking “What a great team!”

Aria in Italian has two meanings: one is “a classical music composition” and one is “air”. I am confident more and more EMEA clients will enjoy Aria’s billing composition, especially now that I am around to tell them. I’m planning on packing a European concert hall with Aria customers!

Riccardo Vicari, VP of Sales, EMEA, Aria Systems

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