Aria Launches “Aria Revenue Analytics” – A Fully Integrated Business Analytics Technology

Great news at Aria Systems today! We’re proud to announce the launch of Aria Revenue Analytics, a powerful business analytics technology fully integrated into our #1-ranked cloud billing and active monetization platform. In doing so, we are the first cloud billing company to offer fully integrated revenue analytics capabilities for enterprises.

What does that mean for you and your business? It means that now, when you modernize your legacy billing infrastructure with the #1 ranked cloud billing and monetization platform, you get all the benefits of faster time to market, lower risk, and the most monetization models with out-of-the-box enterprise-grade analytics to design the high-performing recurring revenue business you want.

Traditional business intelligence (BI) systems are expensive to purchase, build, and maintain separately. As a result, business owners typically have to work with analysts or corporate data warehouses, often dealing with incorrect or delayed data. Aria Revenue Analytics is included in the Aria platform and ready for immediate use. Data is updated and delivered every 15 minutes, providing information in near real-time without having to add-on a separate package or solution. The pre-built dashboards, analytics, and operational reports are available within Aria, without the hassle of switching between consoles or applications.

The growing number of enterprise recurring revenue initiatives fosters an increased need to quickly and easily measure, analyze, and take action. Aria Revenue Analytics allows you to optimize all the components of your recurring products and services from pricing, packaging, and bundling to promotions, customer cohorts, and payments, ultimately driving higher customer lifetime value (CLV).

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We built Aria Revenue Analytics specifically for recurring revenue so enterprises can see how their recurring revenue models and businesses are performing at every level. Our clients can now quickly assess the health of their enterprise-scale recurring revenue businesses and immediately act upon revenue-generating opportunities. Moreover, they are able to seamlessly integrate Aria Revenue Analytics directly into their existing enterprise data warehouses and BI solutions. Aria Revenue Analytics provides comprehensive scheduled and on-demand data extraction capabilities.

Why are data analytics so critical to business today? According to Andrew Dailey, Managing Director of MGI Research, “Executives across the business – from CFOs to sales leaders and brand managers want insight into core operating data like backlog, MRR, churn and usage. Analytics and reporting aren’t custom add-ons to an agile monetization platform – they are integral components.”

Initial trials have taken advantage of Aria Revenue Analytics for significant projects, including determining the target customer cohorts for a new mobile phone feature, and creating the best mix of product offerings tailored to different European countries and regions.

“We’ve seen huge demand for analytics tools that are specifically tailored to the unique requirements of recurring revenue businesses,” said Ted Brookbank, Senior Vice President of Advanced Technology Group, a leading integrator of billing solutions. “But current solutions require a lot of custom work to make them applicable for recurring revenue businesses. Incorporating prebuilt and configurable analytics into the billing platform means companies can get the reports they need with a fraction of the time and hassle.”

About Aria Revenue Analytics: 

Aria Revenue Analytics is purpose-built for recurring revenue with tools that deliver customers relevant insights into key performance indicators (KPIs), providing the context needed to better satisfy customers with products and services that grow business. Reports are customizable and can be filtered by any business attribute including: account hierarchy, revenue amount and type, geography, time period, account status, type of service, etc.

Aria Revenue Analytics provides insights from context via dashboards, analytic, operational and custom reports to accelerate growth while maximizing customer acquisition and retention. Aria Revenue Analytics is fully managed by Aria and includes the following components:

  • Interactive Dashboards cover revenue and churn, finance, marketing, payments, and usage. They can be customized via filters and visualization options.
  • Analytic Reports retrieve summarized and time series trend data and can include complex calculations, cohorts, and attributes
  • Operational Reports include 70+ pre-configured operational reports
  • Custom Reports are easily created with an interactive report wizard

For more information see the press release or learn more about revenue analytics here. We will also be showing Aria Revenue Analytics at Dreamforce 2015 at booth #N1223.


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    Is it possible to schedule a report to extract report output as csv?