A Life from Netflix to Stitch Fix

A Life from Netflix to Stitch Fix

It’s Sunday. After a full day of football, it’s an opportunity to spend some quality time with my wife and catch up on one of our favorite television shows, “The Voice.”  Before you start judging, understand that my wife is in her third trimester of pregnancy, so this is about as exciting as it gets on a Sunday evening. As usual, about halfway through the “Top 8” performances, my wife decides to start swiping away on her iPad. A few annoyed sighs later, she let’s me know that she’s having trouble finding maternity clothes. I lean over and together we decide that letting her online stylist know her “situation” is the best course of action. “The Voice” has become background music at this point as this discussion leads directly into, “Have you finished the baby shower invitations?” I flip open my Macbook and, like a champ, I show my wife a beautiful finished draft, complete with pink pacifiers. On that note, I toss our dog a treat and we head to bed.

So did you catch that? Do you realize what happened there? Don’t worry – it didn’t really hit me until recently either. I’ve been working at Aria, a cloud-based recurring revenue management company, for nearly a year now and every week I see a well-known enterprise opening up a new subscription offering. But, it’s not until I took a step back when I realized what was happening to the world around us. Everyday tasks are becoming more and more automated and now nearly everything of importance is accessible from our smart-phones and tablets. At the center of this automation revolution are subscription services and it’s more than just a fad; it’s the new norm.

A Life from Netflix to Stitch Fix

Now, let’s go back and look at my relaxing Sunday evening with the aforementioned in mind:

  • For my viewing pleasure, the full day of football and missed episodes of “The Voice” were all courtesy of the Xfinity On-Demand subscription with the NFL Red Zone package add-on.   
  • That iPad my wife was swiping on? Free express shipping thanks to my subscription to Amazon Prime. 
  • How about her “online stylist?” A Stitch Fix subscription handles my wife’s clothing needs.
  • I created our beautiful baby shower invitations with my handy Creative Cloud subscription from Adobe.
  • Don’t forget the dog treat – that came from BarkBox.

What does this all mean?  Does one relaxing Sunday afternoon filled with subscription services illustrate a revolution?  The answer might not be so obvious, but it does beg an interesting question:  Can someone truly live a subscription-only life? 

To be continued…

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