13 Signs Your Legacy System Ain’t Cutting It

It’s Friday the 13th.

There’s no better time to exercise a bit of caution — especially as it pertains to the continued use of your back systems. As we pointed out last week, the risks of maintaining legacy software is real.  But in the immortal words of 90’s screen siren Geena Davis should you “be afraid, be very afraid”? Software engineering firm, Altexsoft, answers that burning question with a list of 13 fear-inducing signs that your legacy system needs modernization.

Here’s a quick break down:

  1. Slow, cumbersome and crashes frequently. None less than a stomach-churning cocktail that will have every IT pro on edge.
  2. Vendor shows a vote of no support. Uh oh. White knuckle time. If it breaks, you’re on the hook.
  3. Hasn’t gotten with mobile age. Nobody wants your grandma’s princess phone for a reason.
  4. Doesn’t work with all your other stuff. FYI: “Workaround” is just another word for broke.
  5. Requires excessive hardware use. Inefficient and costly.
  6. Needs excessive training just to hit the switch.  Ditto to number #5. “Hitting the switch” can still result in Frankenstein.
  7. Underlying technology is obsolete. It’s akin to having a tooth extracted without Novocain. It might get the job done but it’s going to hurt.
  8. No longer solves your problems. What’s the point in keeping expensive shelfware?
  9. Lacks flexibility and speed to keep up with your business. It’s as if your system is both hobbled and in a strait jacket, which will send you they psych ward.
  10. Impossible to add new functions to your system. If it’s no longer helping you then it’s hurting you.
  11. Poses a security threat. At best it’s is a PR nightmare looming. At worse, it will send your customers packing.
  12. Operating costs are high. Equals pain.
  13. Maintenance costs are even higher. Equals pain and continued suffering.

Ultimately, the question becomes should you let sleeping dogs lie, give your legacy system the ax, or run screaming for the exits?

If you’re suffering from any of the above then you should consider migrating towards a new system that overcomes painful limitations. While it can be challenging and time consuming, the results will eliminate a whole lotta hurt.

For more information on how to get started, check out this white paper.