[INFOGRAPHIC]: 10 Cool Companies That Are Already Monetizing IOT

The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT): Disruption of Capitalism and Other Challenges

The IoT is the subject du jour with the enormous opportunity created from ubiquitous connectivity and the ensuing avalanche of data.  Yet, monetizing the Internet of Things is further off for many. Find out who’s stepped out ahead with these ten cool companies already making money from the Internet of Things today.

10 Cool Companies That Are Already Monetizing IOT [Infographic]


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  • Rory Moore

    Great graphic and visualization…. Shared via LinkedIn….

  • cvs irwan

    Reading 55 ways of business model will give insights on how to define businesses and do monetization. These 10 ways of monetization is a real example of 55 ways of business model.

  • Alex Chung

    The Internet of Things is having a significant impact on the creation of new products and services. But to generate new revenue from IoT, companies need to transform the information from smart, connected products into services. Hence the focus should be on value creation to get maximum revenue for connected product deployments.
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  • Enrico Damini

    Hi everyone,
    I’m a computer engineering student and I’m doing a project which is strongly related to IoT, B2B and data monetization.
    I was wondering if you are so kind to answer some questions which could really help me.

    This is the scenario:
    – a company sell a service (such as machines or web-services) to another company,
    – the latter generates data by using this service/machine

    1.Who can access to this data?
    2.Who can monetize this data?

    I want to understand if the first company (which sell the service) can use the data generated by the second company (which buy the service). Furthermore, I’d like to know if the first company can monetize (legally) this data.

    Any examples would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.