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Cloud-based Subscription Billing Expert Reveals Key to Making Customers Happier

San Francisco, California - Jan 3, 2013

Aria Systems, delivering the full power of subscription commerce, today reveals how businesses can both attract new customers and, also, make their current customers happier, all while increasing revenues, retentions and opportunities for upselling.

The key is to quickly discover which offerings are most desired by any segment, region or market. It requires that companies can easily and quickly test offers with prospects and customers and then rapidly modify them based on adoption and feedback. It also requires real-time information on where any given subscriber is in their journey (relationship with the business) so that the company knows when and how best to communicate about any given offering. The real challenge comes in doing all of this with little-to-no impact on financial operations or IT.

Most CRM-based or simple, "cookie-cutter" subscription billing providers cannot easily handle the steps needed to uncover the most favorable responses from prospects or customers. Even fewer can handle a 24-hour testing, modification and adaptation cycle or delivery of customized communications to 'in-flight' (already engaged with the company) customers to avoid missteps that can result in complaints or even disengagement. In other words, if a company wants to explore new business opportunities without risk to 'in-flight" customers, or big impacts to financial ops or IT, the subscription commerce platform a business chooses is critical.

"A lot of companies come to Aria Systems after they outgrow their existing subscription billing solution because they find they can't respond to change quickly enough or it takes an inordinate amount of support from IT to respond. This inhibits innovation and impacts top and bottom line results." -Tom Dibble, CEO and President, Aria Systems

With the right subscription commerce platform, like Aria Systems' SaaS-based solution, businesses can offer customers what they want while providing an uninterrupted and flawless experience - making happier customers.

About Aria Systems

Aria Systems delivers the full power of subscription commerce to transform business by creating new opportunities, bettering customer relationships and providing more business predictability. The Aria Subscription Billing and Management Platform was chosen by brand name companies such as Pitney Bowes, Red Hat, Ingersoll Rand, EMC, VMware, and HootSuite to evolve their company’s subscription businesses while delivering outstanding customer experiences.

Please consider downloading the Maximizing Revenues Through Customer Subscription Processes whitepaper.

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