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Cloud Billing Expert Weighs In on North Carolina Education Lottery’s Decision to Offer Subscriptions for Select Games

San Francisco, CA – September 23, 2013 - Aria Systems, cloud billing expert for the enterprise, weighs in on the recent decision by the North Carolina Education Lottery to allow players to purchase tickets by subscription for three select games through its website. Lottery officials said they would allow players with computer access to buy tickets for its popular Powerball, Mega Millions and Carolina Cash 5 games in November.

North Carolina’s Education Lottery joins at least 11 other state lotteries in the United States that already provide some kind of subscription service to lottery players.

“Today, when it comes to generating sales and profits, large enterprises such as the North Carolina Education Lottery are discovering that ‘one size does not fit all.’ Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the state’s Education Lottery is adding subscription sales for a better customer experience, not to mention increased ticket sales,” said Andy Eliopoulos, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Aria Systems.

“Customers are telling large enterprises like the Education Lottery that they want to buy tickets without making extra trips to stores and shops. It’s all about giving more choices to customers, and this is what they will soon be doing,” he added.

Large enterprises in both the public and private sector are becoming increasingly aware that, to achieve and maintain customer satisfaction and retention, they must give customers as much choice as possible, be as flexible as possible, and have a system that enables that flexibility.

The executive director of the Education Lottery said on their official website that the new subscription service is aimed both at residents who currently buy tickets for the jackpot games at traditional lottery retailers and those who do not. The goal is to make the purchases more convenient and to provide better customer service. Officials expect that the resulting increase in tickets sales will boost the monetary benefits for public schools statewide.

Aria Systems facilitates this increase in customer choice with its cloud-based billing system for managing recurring revenue. Whether the business model is single-transaction, usage- or subscription-based, or a hybrid of any of these models, Aria Systems can help ensure that companies can offer each and every market segment the optimal pricing model without the limitations imposed by legacy billing systems.

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