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Aria Systems Joins the ServiceSource Recurring Revenue Alliance

Aria Systems Joins The ServiceSource Recurring Revenue AllianceSan Francisco, CA – September 30, 2013 - Aria Systems, cloud billing expert for the enterprise, today announced that it has joined the Recurring Revenue Alliance, a strategic initiative by ServiceSource® (NASDAQ: SREV) designed to help businesses generate more revenue and increase customer retention by creating best practices based on end-to-end recurring revenue solutions.

All recurring revenue businesses rely upon specialized billing systems to automate their processes. As the leading provider of cloud billing for recurring revenue in large enterprises, Aria has helped companies like Experian, Pitney Bowes and AAA NCNU achieve success with their recurring revenue initiatives. With recent research showing that 44% of companies are currently dissatisfied with the performance of their billing systems, Aria’s addition to the Recurring Revenue Alliance will help meet a growing need in the marketplace.

“As the creators of cloud billing for recurring revenue businesses, Aria has deep experience in powering the recurring revenue process,” said Christine Heckart, EVP of Strategy, Marketing, People, and Systems at ServiceSource. ”They will be a valuable addition to the Recurring Revenue Alliance and our entire ecosystem of customers and partners.”

“We’re very pleased to join the Recurring Revenue Alliance, which is well-poised to meet the challenge of helping businesses grow their recurring revenue and, in turn, customer loyalty,” said Jon Gettinger, SVP of Marketing, Aria Systems.

The Recurring Revenue Alliance helps companies maintain and grow their share of the $310 billion annual recurring revenue market for maintenance, support and subscriptions across hardware, software, industrials, and healthcare. As such, the Recurring Revenue Alliance is formed on a vision to rapidly tap this lucrative opportunity by:

  • Helping customers capitalize on untapped renewal opportunities by bringing together data from existing CRM, quoting and ERP systems.
  • Minimizing the time and cost for customers to extend their existing CRM, quoting and ERP infrastructure to a leading-edge cloud application built just for recurring revenue.
  • Aggressively driving interoperability and rapid implementation for recurring revenue solutions.

Are you looking for the right subscription commerce solution for your company? Consider downloading the Six Key Buying Considerations e-Paper and make an educated decision on the future of your recurring revenue offering.

If you are already moving towards adding a recurring revenue option to your business, please read the recently released ePaper “The Right Recurring Revenue Model for Success.” The paper not only examines the latest trends and details of the basic recurring revenue models; it also highlights a variety of pricing “tactics” including “freemium”, pre-paid, post-paid, tiered, trials, promotions and unlimited usage that can be used to optimize revenue streams.

The Right Recurring Model for Success

About Aria Systems

Aria Systems powers recurring revenue for the enterprise enabling market expansion, improving customer relationships, and providing more revenue predictability. The Aria Cloud Billing platform is used by brand name companies such as Pitney Bowes, AAA NCNU, Experian, Red Hat, Ingersoll Rand, EMC, VMware, and HootSuite to evolve their recurring businesses while delivering outstanding customer experiences.

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