Urban Remedy makes life-changing juice worth the squeeze

While subscription commerce is quickly garnering attention in the consumer and business landscape, many of today’s services offer generic goods, crowding the marketplace with common products. For this reason, Urban Remedy launched a subscription service aimed at breaking the mold.

There are many dieting products available today, including exercise packages, sugar-free foods and a number of other offerings. Urban Remedy, on the other hand, is trying to change things on a fundamental level by providing subscribers with cleanses to help people transform their lives for the better. These cleanses, which are available as juices and snacks, come in a variety of forms, including those aimed to detox and others to help individuals lose weight.

“The ‘internet lifestyle’ can sometimes mean long hours working in front of a computer and not necessarily paying attention to what you put in your body, from too much caffeine to too many processed foods,” said Neka Pasquale, the mastermind behind the subscription service, according to VentureBeat. “Urban Remedy helps those with busy lifestyles who want to make healthy choices but just don’t have the time – and I think a great deal of people living the internet lifestyle fit that bill completely.”

Reinventing a life with Urban Remedy isn’t cheap, however, as a daily cleanse costs around $50 to $60 – upward of $300 per week. Still, with New Year’s just around the corner, those life-changing resolutions may be worth the extra cash.

The overall market for subscription services relating to healthy eating is becoming more populated as consumers try to transform how they live. For this reason, companies like Urban Remedy should consider leveraging an innovative subscription management platform that provides decision-makers with unique insight into customer activity.

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