Great Blogs That Understand the Future of Billing

Blogs-Understand-Future-of-BillingJust like video killed the radio star, innovation and the need for agility is killing the legacy billing platform.

Monetization strategies continue to grow as companies look for new ways to market and sell their products. Few could foresee that a streaming subscription model would take over the music industry or that renting college textbooks online by chapter would become popular. Consumers’ tastes are evolving in every industry and monetization models must evolve with them.

As industries evolve, people are beginning to demand billing flexibility in many markets.This change means big things for business and will become the deciding factor in whether or not companies grow or get replaced. Just like Blockbuster became a page in our history books, other companies will slowly die if they cannot provide customers with a more varied and customer-centered form of billing.

This topic is crucial to the business world, but surprisingly few industries are yet aware of its importance. Ericsson announced the acquisition of Metratech on Tuesday, proving that flexible business models are key to success in current and future markets. With that in mind, we searched for publications that are aware of current trends and recognize the need for flexibility in order to monetize offerings for the new customer-centered world.

1) B/OSS

Billing and OSS is an online news distribution service in tune with industry trends.

Why we love it: With a diverse list of content, there is a ton to read including guides, stories and reports.

2) Cloud Talk

IT blogger Jay McCall discusses cloud revenue and business management topics that give insight into changes in billing models.

Why we love it: A simple layout with great content, Cloud Talk has interviews with industry professionals and useful recommendations for cloud computing.

3) Source Talk

ServiceSource’s blog discusses all aspects of revenue and the big changes in the market happening right now.

Why we love it: Visually appealing graphics and great content about the need to be flexible with billing and how to be successful with this change.

4) Billing Views

Billing Views is a source for technology news, opinion, and trends in the world of monetization.

Why we love it: The blog focuses on the complexity of successful billing strategies with a variety of authors and opinions.

Monetization is certainly evolving across all boards and it is clear that the one- or two- trick pony approach is no longer going to serve customers’ changing needs. With the amount of great content out there, we would love to hear if you have any additional sites that discuss the future of monetization.

Happy hunting, Readers!