[INFOGRAPHIC]: Customer Lifetime Value: The Litmus Test in Recurring Revenue

From its inception Aria has been a leading innovator of cloud-based monetization solutions. We actually invented the whole idea of cloud billing back in 2002 and since then we have led our industry with breakthroughs. Our Active Orchestration technology lets you unite all of your people, processes and technology into a single solution for recurring revenue. We were also the first cloud provider to offer multiple deployment options and live-release technology where release updates are applied to our production environment without requiring maintenance downtime.

Today we are proud to unveil our new website which highlights how we will continue to innovate and help enterprises grow their recurring revenues now and into the future.

In the recurring revenue era, companies live and die by their ability to retain their customers and keep them satisfied today and for years. Importantly, Aria helps enterprises do more. In addition to customer retention and satisfaction, we go beyond basic billing to help our clients maximize customer lifetime value.

As this infographic demonstrates, for many organizations it’s the unfulfilled business requirement.


Aria helps maximize customer life time value by enabling active engagement at every customer event, which we call “revenue moments”. These important revenue moments include everything from billing a credit card to sending a service email and promoting an upsell opportunity. Effectively managing these moments increases a company’s ability to capitalize on the multitude of opportunities that exist over the lifetime of the customer relationship with the net effect of increasing revenue.

Driving your enterprise business extends beyond billing. You need a platform to actively monetize your products and services as markets develop and as opportunities are presented.

Aria is here to help.

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